• Hindustan Uravarak & Rasayan Ltd has been incorporated as a largest urea producing company in India with three state-of-the-art and well-established plants in Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh), Barauni (Bihar) and Sindri (Jharkhand) and Head-quarter in Delhi. With new vision of growth, efficiency and building National Self-sufficiency, HURL subscribes to the belief that efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organization depends largely on the skills, abilities and commitment of the employees who constitute the most important asset of the organization. HURL therefore has a transparent and robust framework of policies which enables the organization to attract the right talent for the jobs and make it available at the right time and in right number with the ultimate objective of ensuring optimum and effective utilization of the human resources in a climate of satisfaction, development, and growth.

For recruitment of professional personnel in Company's executive cadre and non-executive cadre selection is made on All-India basis. All such posts to be filled are duly notified through press advertisements, Company’s website, Promoter Company’s website, Naukri.com where suitable candidates with the required expertise are expected to be available, to ensure wide coverage.

In each recruitment case, the details about the vacancy position, qualifying requirements, selection process, shortlisting guidelines and other relevant details are approved by the management and are duly mentioned in the detailed advertisements, published on HURL careers webpage (https://hurl.net.in/careers). In addition to sending the call/offer letters by post/email, the list of shortlisted/selected candidates are uploaded on HURL careers webpage (https://hurl.net.in/careers).

Keeping in view the need for induction of experienced personnel for new/ diversified business areas such as Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy sector etc. and for Functional/ Specialist/ Auxiliary areas, recruitments in HURL may take place at various levels/grades of the organizational hierarchy. The selection process is as follows:

1.Freshers (executive): GATE Score or Selection test followed by Group Discussion and Personal Interviews.

2.Experienced Executives: Interview (one/multiple levels), after internal review of the applications by the domain experts depending upon the number of applications received and the requirement of the post. Candidates from Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy sector etc. are given preference.

3.Non-Executives (All levels): In order to cater to the need of non-executive manpower on a long-term basis, HURL inducts freshers as well as experienced personnel. The selection method comprises of Written test (Online mode) and physical/skill/trade test.

4.Engagement on Fixed-term-Contract (FTC basis):  Employees may be engaged on FTC basis for specific skills, specialized functions, specific tasks, assignments, job, or functions considered necessary and incidental to core functions and other works. Selection is done through interview (one/multiple levels), after internal review of the applications by the domain experts depending upon the number of applications received and the requirement of the post.

5.Consultants: Retired/ Retiring Personnel from PSUs/ Government undertakings/ Chemical & Fertilizer/ Petrochemical industry/State Govt or Central Govt or any other industry and academia including persons from R&D discipline may be engaged as consultant. Selection is done through interview (one/multiple levels), after internal review of the applications by the domain experts depending upon the number of applications received and the requirement of the post.


" For any queries related to recruitment/ job openings , kindly contact below given Helpdesk "

   Helpdesk Phone Number: 011-42466909/21210311

   Helpdesk E-Mail: corphr@hurl.net.in

   Timing: 9:30 hrs - 18:00 hrs Monday to Friday (Except on National Holidays)


  • Why Work With HURL:

The HURL Way: A career for posterity, not just a job.

Our Company is one of the largest growing Fertiliser Companies with a manpower of over 800 permanent employees in Core activity to lead the organisation. Apart from a conducive atmosphere for growth, we believe that learning is a never-ending process. Company is willing to spend time, money resources for all its employees at various stages of their careers in order to help them to grow as a professional and realize their full potential. Apart from providing functional and behavioural trainings to all level of employees, adequate exposure is given to employees through Conferences, Seminars, Skill building workshops etc. both in India and abroad.

From the onset of their careers, new joinees at HURL are taken onboard through a well-structured and enriching induction programme. As a part of this orientation programme, the new recruits are given the opportunity to interact with the heads of various business functions and MD in both formal and informal environment which helps in creating an open culture that promotes exchange of ideas, collaboration and develops a close bond among employees.

Strong emphasis is given on leadership development programs for executives at senior levels. In order to assess the talent pool at senior level, executives are made to undergo Development Centers. Development gaps identified through this process are mitigated through executive development programs, job rotation and assigning higher responsibilities.

As a model employer, we provide generous social support system which not only takes care of the employees but also their families.

HURL lays strong emphasis on a performance-oriented culture and hence offers attractive Performance linked Increment to its employees.

HURL is strongly committed to creating a successful and vibrant workplace and for this reason HURL regularly organizes engaging events, indoor and outdoor activities and celebrates festivals and achievements so that every employee feels connected to the organization, grows and thrives in a dynamic work environment.

As HURL grows at a fast pace, we invite you to join hands with us in our journey to even greater success and build a rewarding career.

Career Opportunities

An organisation that has successfully evolved with time, HURL today offers career opportunities at various levels, roles and domains in different types of employment. Positions are operated on the Permanent rolls of the Company or on Fixed Terms Contractual rolls [FTC] (with varying periodicity). The Company follows a non-discriminatory model of manning embracing diversity and promoting inclusion.

HURL offers employment opportunities across six levels along the organisational hierarchy. At each of these levels the Company has well defined policies governing the service terms, career progression rules etc., thus providing a challenging, equitable work place and culture. A snapshot of potential opportunities provided by HURL across various levels of the organisational hierarchy is as follows:


The professionally qualified and talented human resource of HURL enables the company to maintain its competitive edge. The Recruitment & Selection process at Company ensures continuous intake of fresh talent and domain knowledge specialists in all cadres viz. Executives & Supervisors.

In order to motivate and enthuse its employees for better and more effective performance, HURL has a well-defined Promotion policy to ensure fast career progression. The executives are considered for promotion on completion of a period of 3 years. The promotions to positions of higher responsibility/grades is commensurate with their merit, ability and contribution towards the achievements of the organizational objective and effectiveness.

Recruitment in the Non-unionised Supervisor is made on the basis of written / skill tests conducted by the Company on all India basis.
Specific details on Qualifying Criteria varies with roles / function and are mentioned in detail in the advertisement release in the Company’s website


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