Apna Power

Apna Power is a granular bio-fertilizer that contains live propagules of AMF type fungi that form a filamentous symbiotic Interaction with plant roots to collect nutrients from the soil. Extremely precise Infectivity potential per gram of the product provides a domain for organisms that aggregate the soil, convert matter to available plant nutrients, and innovate systematically. 

Dose and Method of Application: Apna Power 4 kg of granules is to be applied in 1-acre crop through the broadcast method. It is critical to confirm that Apna Power reaches the roots of the crop. It can be mixed with soil, or any other organic and inorganic fertilizer during application with suitable soil moisture conditions.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Crops: For all agricultural and horticultural crops 


Advantages of Apna Power: 

  • Enhances yields and harvest quality. 
  • Produce more healthy plants.
  • Helps to control soil erosion.
  • Further enhances a biotic stresses.
  • Enriches flowering and fruiting. 
  • Photosynthesis action is improved.
  • Enhance plant foundation and survival at seeding or transplanting.
  • Further develops plant reaction to soil salinity.
  • Helps to keep up with soil quality and nutrient cycling.
  • Works with keeping up with soil root zone pH.